Do it now: Date and Number tables

Your production environment needs Date and Number tables, to help you Get Stuff Done in sets instead of RBAR*.

Doug Lane has a video on Why You Simply Must Have a Date Table. I really loved the intro.

A Numbers Table is also very useful for similar reasons. Jeff Moden has been harping on about so-called Tally Tables for years.

Check out Greg Larsen’s post, Creative Solutions by Using a Number Table, for some nifty uses.

* Jeff Moden coined the acronym RBAR, or Row By Agonizing Row.

Author: randolph

Randolph West is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and has worked with SQL Server since the late 1990s. When not consulting, he can be seen acting on the stage and screen, or doing voices for independent video games. Connect with Randolph on Google+ or Twitter.