The Interview Process

Interview Questions for a SQL Server DBA

When I’m interviewing a SQL Server DBA, I have three questions that I always ask. My favourite interview question is this: “What is the difference between a clustered and a non-clustered index?” My second favourite question is this: “What is the right disaster recovery strategy for my company?” The first question is one of basic[…]

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Career Limiting Moves – Reply All

In a recent episode of a Netflix show called Grace & Frankie, a vitriolic and profanity-ridden email with very damaging statements was accidentally sent to a mailing list. Fortunately for the characters involved, Siri auto-corrected most of the really bad stuff, and Vin Diesel became an unwitting participant in the storyline. Unfortunately, there’s real life,[…]

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Career Limiting Moves – Dropping a Table

In this new series, I will share some things that took place early in my career that could have resulted in my looking for new work—but didn’t! This post is also evidence that I haven’t always worked with SQL Server. I used to work with a PeopleSoft implementation partner, sometime last century. One morning I[…]

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Professionalism doesn’t mean a collared shirt and tie

Working from home, consulting with companies all over the world, has changed how I interact with customers. The last time I was physically on site was seven months ago. We deal almost exclusively with each other via conference call and video using Skype, LogMeIn or GoToMeeting, juggling webcams, headphones, microphones, email, text messages, phone calls,[…]