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Infrastructure matters, even in the Cloud

I am still amused by terminology in the Information Technology field. Words like “Kubernetes,” “containers,” and the BASIC keywords PEEK and POKE, all bring a smile to my lips every time I read or say them. Equally amusing are marketing ideas, except they may have a little sting at the end when they become mythology.[…]

Do you even PowerShell, bro? An ode to dbatools and dbachecks.

Shall I compare thee to Management Studio? Thou art more scriptable and consistent. Those out-of-memory errors do tend to lose hours of work. And I mean, SSMS doesn’t run from the command line. Sometimes I get those line-endings errors, Not to mention IntelliSense bombing out; And figuring out which tab I was in can be[…]

Introducing SQL Operations Studio

Note: This is content that I originally wrote for our upcoming book, SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out, that did not meet the publishing deadline. A new cross-platform tool for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database Microsoft has announced the preview of SQL Operations Studio, an exciting addition to the administration and development tooling (DevOps) for[…]