What is a DBA anyway?

Some time ago we started a new series here, called Database Fundamentals. The very first post in that series asked what a database is. One of the major announcements at Ignite last month was that of SQL Server 2019 preview and major improvements to Azure SQL Database, Microsoft’s on-premises and cloud-based relational database systems, respectively.[…]

Dates and Times in SQL Server: DATETIME

Last year I ran a series of posts about Database Fundamentals. Over the next few weeks, I will cover the basics of various date and time data types in SQL Server, when to use them, and which functions to use for date and time calculations. This week will start with probably the best-known data type,[…]

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My brain hurts

Kimberly Tripp has a very neat series of stored procedures on her blog which are rewrites of sp_helpindex. Unfortunately for those of us with customers still using SQL Server 2000, these scripts are useless, because they are based on DMVs and catalog views built into SQL Server 2005 and higher. With her permission, I have[…]