27 January 2014

New Disruptors Promo

Microsoft SQL Server databases in small- to medium-size businesses often don’t have a dedicated DBA to look after them. This ends up being the job of a developer, and the databases are neglected. Usually someone comments how slow SQL Server is.

I’m offering a once-off report, where I take a look at your existing database instances, and make recommendations to bring them up to industry standards. Included in the report are recommendations on upgrades, maintenance plans, disaster recovery, and performance and best practice improvements at a hardware and software level.

My report costs $2,500.00 per server, but I’m willing to offer a $750 discount to listeners of The New Disruptors, so it works out to $1,750.00 (CAD) per server.

The report is usually between 16 and 20 pages long, and provides feedback on how to make sure SQL Server is running optimally. It also includes an Excel workbook containing all the diagnostic information I extract from the instance, and I explain what each spreadsheet means.

Once your SQL instances are happy, I then offer remote support, where I will work with you to implement maintenance plans, disaster recovery plans, indexes, and query tuning. I will assist an on-site person to look after the instance, or I do this remotely.

This hourly rate is negotiable depending on the number of servers and databases involved.

Contact me at info@bornsql.ca with the keyword “Disrupt” in the subject line, and let’s talk!

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