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Accessibility after the fact: closed captions for videos

My user group, the Calgary Data User Group, has been recording videos since April of this year, so at the time of this writing we have just two videos on our YouTube channel. As one of the Azure Data Tech Groups we have access to Microsoft Teams, and in there we can display live captions during
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On accessibility in our community

Today I want to write about the community that brought us all together. The community that got this very website on your radar. The community that got many of us spending lunch breaks, evenings and weekends learning about the Microsoft Data Platform at free local events. This community has had various organizations steering its direction
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Gatekeeping and Accessibility

In my final post about gatekeeping in technology, I have to come clean about something. Let’s go through this journey together. [Edit: At the end of August 2020, Grace Anderson — president and co-founder of I Am A Fighter — reached out to me to share A Comprehensive Guide to Strategies and Benefits of Building a Diverse
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