Speaking at SQLSaturday 725 in Victoria

Victoria is on an island off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. The island is wisely called Vancouver Island. It is beautiful there, and I wouldn’t mind retiring there someday. Those of you who listen to my convoluted stories will recall that it was on Vancouver Island that I broke my foot in 2013. Hopefully[…]

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Backup Retention Policies

Today’s post is just a bunch of questions, but they are very important questions, all around the main topic of a Backup Retention Policy. How long do you keep backups for every database in your environment (including development, testing, quality assurance and production)? Do you keep backups of system databases? Do you keep backups of system databases[…]

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AzCopy 101 – Copying SQL Server backup files to Azure Blob Storage

SQL Server 2016, released last month, now lets us back up our database files to two locations simultaneously. This is very good news if we’re running the latest and greatest (and it really is a good upgrade). For everyone else, the bad news is that we are targeting an on-site destination for our backups (local network,[…]

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The Transaction Log Is Very Resilient

Last week I wondered whether a log backup chain would survive a database migration. Unsurprisingly, the answer is “yes”. I also asked if a log backup taken on the new instance would be usable on the old instance, if the need arose to fail back to the original environment. Unsurprisingly, the answer is “it depends”.[…]

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Saving Time By Splitting Files for a Backup

During a recent engagement with a client transferring large files from on premises to Azure Storage, we discovered that files over a certain size are automatically throttled, causing file uploads to take much longer than expected. Through unscientific testing, we figured out that the throttling seems to kick in at around 30 GB. I rustled up[…]

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Announcing Azure Blob Storage Sync and Restore

Yesterday at SQLSaturday #407 in Vancouver, I announced availability of a free tool to synchronise and restore your SQL Server backups using Azure Blob Storage. It can work alongside your existing backup process, and leverages Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Solution. More about Azure Blob Storage Sync and Restore. GitHub Page: https://github.com/bornsql/azureblobstoragesync.