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Compressed and Encrypted Backups on the Cheap

We back up our databases regularly. We store them on a secure network location so that if the database drive fails, we can still satisfy the requirements for a rapid disaster recovery time (RTO, or Recovery Time Objective). Some of us store these backups off-site as well, as an added security measure, either on tape
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Announcing Azure Blob Storage Sync and Restore

Yesterday at SQLSaturday #407 in Vancouver, I announced availability of a free tool to synchronise and restore your SQL Server backups using Azure Blob Storage. It can work alongside your existing backup process, and leverages Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Solution. More about Azure Blob Storage Sync and Restore. GitHub Page:

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Pre-Announcement Announcement

On Saturday, 27 June 2015, I will be presenting at SQLSaturday #407 in Vancouver BC. The session is titled “Restoring a SQL Server Database from Azure Blob Storage”. I will be releasing some new content and code at the same time as my talk, which will be available from this site, assuming WordPress plays along.
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Every Monday morning UGH is the sentiment I wake up with, while coffee is the medicine that cures my weekend ailments.

On the importance of good backups

I’ve been vocal for some years about the importance of backups, and I have zero sympathy for anyone who does not have good backups*. This comes with (very) painful experience: a few years ago, during the migration of data from several drives to my new computer at the time, I lost the drive everything was
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