Western Digital WD Red internal HDD sliced in half on pink surface

Database Corruption Challenge

Steve Stedman has been running a contest over on his site, the Database Corruption Challenge, which I discovered last week quite by chance through Twitter. Not to brag, but I’ve been the fastest to solve the last two challenges. It has been refreshing to ply my SQLskills training on other people’s corrupt databases, albeit in
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Adventures in @BlobEater, sp_WhoIsActive and DBCC CHECKDB

The latest version of sp_WhoIsActive (and apparently last for SQL Server 2005/2008, according to Adam Machanic), was released a week ago. Yesterday, out of curiosity piqued by my recent three-week SQLskills training, I decided to run sp_WhoIsActive while doing a DBCC CHECKDB on a moderately large database (mainly because it takes longer, so it’s easier
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