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How I tackle disaster recovery

One of my special interests as an autistic person is understanding mechanical components of a computer, both analog and digital. In the olden days, we had devices known as hard drives which used one or more spinning disks and a read/write head that would move over the surface with a buffer of air so thin
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On the continuity of business

With entire countries shutting their borders, and people being forced to stay home and isolate themselves for as long as possible while health departments ramp up to handle this pandemic, the question of business continuity has been raised. This is where our training as data professionals comes in. The classic DBA must make sure that
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Speaking at SQLSaturday 725 in Victoria

Victoria is on an island off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. The island is wisely called Vancouver Island. It is beautiful there, and I wouldn’t mind retiring there someday. Those of you who listen to my convoluted stories will recall that it was on Vancouver Island that I broke my foot in 2013. Hopefully
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The perils of RAID

Recently, I was asked to assist an organization with getting their data back for a SQL Server that had experienced physical hard drive failure. I asked a lot of questions about the configuration of the data layer, and it came to light that it was a fairly regular setup. SQL Server is virtualised on VMWare,
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Backup Retention Policies

Today’s post is just a bunch of questions, but they are very important questions, all around the main topic of a Backup Retention Policy. How long do you keep backups for every database in your environment (including development, testing, quality assurance and production)? Do you keep backups of system databases? Do you keep backups of system databases
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The Transaction Log Is Very Resilient

Last week I wondered whether a log backup chain would survive a database migration. Unsurprisingly, the answer is “yes”. I also asked if a log backup taken on the new instance would be usable on the old instance, if the need arose to fail back to the original environment. Unsurprisingly, the answer is “it depends”.
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Career Limiting Moves – Dropping a Table

In this new series, I will share some things that took place early in my career that could have resulted in my looking for new work—but didn’t! This post is also evidence that I haven’t always worked with SQL Server. I used to work with a PeopleSoft implementation partner, sometime last century. One morning I
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Update to Azure Blob Storage Sync and Restore

Blob Storage Sync tool updated During a SQL Server migration this month, I found some inconsistencies in my Azure Blob Storage Sync tool, so I made several improvements, and fixed an outstanding bug. As you know, it relies on the naming convention provided in Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Solution and comes in two parts: the AzureBlobStorageSync command-line application, and
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Every Monday morning UGH is the sentiment I wake up with, while coffee is the medicine that cures my weekend ailments.

On the importance of good backups

I’ve been vocal for some years about the importance of backups, and I have zero sympathy for anyone who does not have good backups*. This comes with (very) painful experience: a few years ago, during the migration of data from several drives to my new computer at the time, I lost the drive everything was
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