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This post is brought to you — indirectly — from a boss I loved working for, on a project which almost killed me, at a company which I had to walk away from to restore my mental health. I learned a great many things from my boss (and yes, we are still friends). I learned
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The final word on storage for DATETIME2

Two years ago I wrote a post that got a lot of traction in the comments at the time. Last month there was renewed interest because one of the commenters noted that the official SQL Server documentation for DATETIME2 disagreed with my assertions, and that I was under-representing the storage requirements. To remind you, I
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Where Do I Start With A Run Book?

On SuperUser.com, a question came up about how to do a proper Linux backup, including the applications installed, and associated configurations. In light of a previous post I wrote about backups and run books, I thought this would be useful information to share. I answered with a link to the original run book I have
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