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PASS Summit 2020 pre-con time

In 2018, I entered Speaker Idol at the PASS Summit, and because I forgot to start my timer I was disqualified for running over the five-minute limit (say “five-minute limit” fast ten times in a row). I also took part in promotion for a book my friend Melody spearheaded, where all proceeds went to charity.
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PASS Summit 2019

Speaking at PASS Summit 2019

I am delighted to announce that I have been selected to speak at the largest Microsoft Data Platform conference in the world, PASS Summit 2019, in Seattle WA, USA. As our database community has extended beyond SQL Server into Azure and other platforms, there’s a lot to take in over the course of three days
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What to do at PASS Summit 2016

Next week, while blog posts are scheduled as expected, I will be attending my third PASS Summit. Summit 2014 In my first year, I attended every single event I could. The Monday night started with Steve Jones’ regular Networking Dinner. When I arrived, there were already over a hundred people there, all of whom I didn’t recognise. Until
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