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T-SQL Tuesday #100: Looking Forward

The future, 100 months from now: It’s Monday, 6 July 2026. It’s been quite a week since SQL Server Update 2607 was released. The entire production infrastructure has been refreshed. All devices are reporting in, and your glasses are showing green across the fleet. There’s a problem, though. One of the container hosts is reporting
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T-SQL Tuesday: The Contributing Factor

Ewald Cress writes: Find a person or several people to pick on, and tell us a shareable story or two about how they have made a positive contribution in your life. I’ve known Ewald for 27 years, though we only met two years ago. It’s wonderful that he is hosting this T-SQL Tuesday. My first
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Temporal Tables and History Retention

I’m a huge fan of Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016. I first wrote about them, in a four-part series in November 2015, before SQL Server was even released. I don’t always get this excited about new features. However, it has some limitations. As part of this week’s T-SQL Tuesday, hosted by the attractive and
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