T-SQL Tuesday Retrospective #005: Reporting

A few weeks ago, I began answering every single T-SQL Tuesday from the beginning. This week it’s the fifth entry, and on April 5th, 2010, Aaron Nelson invited us to write about reporting. You can visit the previous entries here: T-SQL Tuesday #001 – Date/Time Tricks T-SQL Tuesday #002 – A Puzzling Situation T-SQL Tuesday
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T-SQL Tuesday Retrospective #004: I/O

Mike Walsh invited us on March 1st 2010 to write about I/O. This abbreviation stands for Input / Output, and is often used as shorthand for persisted storage. Given the breadth of the topic I decided to write about RAID levels, but I must state outright that RAID is not a backup. A Redundant Array
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T-SQL Tuesday Retrospective #003: Relationships

In my quest to respond to every T-SQL Tuesday since the dawn of the end of 2009, it was only a matter of time before Rob Farley’s name came up. I first met Rob at his 40th birthday party, many (many!) years ago at the PASS Summit. He of course has no recollection of this
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T-SQL Tuesday Retrospective #002: A Puzzling Situation

For the second T-SQL Tuesday ever — again, hosted by Adam Machanic — we were asked one of three options, and I elected to go with the first one: Describe a confusing situation you encountered, and explain how you debugged the problem and what the resolution was. This invitation was originally posted on 4 January
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The T-SQL Tuesday Corollary

T-SQL Tuesday is a fantastic series of blog posts derived from over 130 topics over the past 11 years, inviting bloggers to share their thoughts on a particular theme once a month. I’ve even participated in a couple of them myself. Unfortunately, I keep missing the deadline, plus my blog publishes every Wednesday which is
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T-SQL Tuesday #100: Looking Forward

The future, 100 months from now: It’s Monday, 6 July 2026. It’s been quite a week since SQL Server Update 2607 was released. The entire production infrastructure has been refreshed. All devices are reporting in, and your glasses are showing green across the fleet. There’s a problem, though. One of the container hosts is reporting
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T-SQL Tuesday: The Contributing Factor

Ewald Cress writes: Find a person or several people to pick on, and tell us a shareable story or two about how they have made a positive contribution in your life. I’ve known Ewald for 27 years, though we only met two years ago. It’s wonderful that he is hosting this T-SQL Tuesday. My first
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Temporal Tables and History Retention

I’m a huge fan of Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016. I first wrote about them, in a four-part series in November 2015, before SQL Server was even released. I don’t always get this excited about new features. However, it has some limitations. As part of this week’s T-SQL Tuesday, hosted by the attractive and
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