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Look, Ma, No Surprises

Last week I demonstrated at least 30% performance improvement by switching to memory optimised table-valued parameters on SQL Server 2016. This week I will demonstrate the same test using Azure SQL Database, on the Premium tier, where In-Memory OLTP is supported. My test harness is the same. I will create a temp table and a
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How to make your T-SQL thirty percent faster

Last week, I mentioned a feature in SQL Server, and now in Azure SQL Database, called Memory-Optimized Table-Valued Parameters, which makes use of In-Memory OLTP structures to work around a dependency on tempdb, and thereby drastically improve performance. Short version: We can see more than double speed improvement by switching from temp tables to Memory-Optimized TVPs,
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The curious case of RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE

A customer is running in a SQL Server 2000 environment, 32-bit AWE mode, on 64-bit Windows 2003 R2. The server has 16GB of RAM and 8 logical CPU cores. It’s running under VMWare. Storage is provided via a (slow) SAN. SQL Server has ~12GB of RAM assigned to it. During monitoring of long-running queries, we
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