Virtual Log Files: 200 or 1000?

Last week I had the privilege of reviewing possibly the best SQL Server production environment I’ve seen in Canada. During the follow-up meeting, the senior DBA and I had a discussion about Virtual Log Files (VLFs), disagreeing on the maximum number of Virtual Log Files a transaction log should have. I said 200, he said[…]

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The Transaction Log Is Very Resilient

Last week I wondered whether a log backup chain would survive a database migration. Unsurprisingly, the answer is “yes”. I also asked if a log backup taken on the new instance would be usable on the old instance, if the need arose to fail back to the original environment. Unsurprisingly, the answer is “it depends”.[…]

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The Resilience of the Log Backup Chain

Much has been written about the log backup chain in SQL Server, where we are able to restore a database to a point in time using a combination of full, differential and transaction log backups. This requires a database being in Full Recovery Mode and transaction log backups being taken at regular intervals. If the database is[…]