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Table Valued Parameters and Dapper in .NET Core

A customer I’ve been working with for a while now has a monolithic ASP.NET MVC web application which we are porting to .NET Core 3.1 (and then almost immediately to .NET 6). One of our biggest changes was getting rid of Entity Framework and replacing it with Dapper, because performance is a feature. To deflect
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Look, Ma, No Surprises

Last week I demonstrated at least 30% performance improvement by switching to memory optimised table-valued parameters on SQL Server 2016. This week I will demonstrate the same test using Azure SQL Database, on the Premium tier, where In-Memory OLTP is supported. My test harness is the same. I will create a temp table and a
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How to make your T-SQL thirty percent faster

Last week, I mentioned a feature in SQL Server, and now in Azure SQL Database, called Memory-Optimized Table-Valued Parameters, which makes use of In-Memory OLTP structures to work around a dependency on tempdb, and thereby drastically improve performance. Short version: We can see more than double speed improvement by switching from temp tables to Memory-Optimized TVPs,
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Memory-Optimized Table-Valued Parameters

November brings me back to my regular weekly posting schedule. I attended PASS Summit 2016 last week, and saw a lot of great sessions. Aside from the new stuff, what I also noticed is how people are making use of existing technology to solve performance problems. I have a customer that is targeting their vendor
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