29 April 2014

About Born SQL

SQL. Optimised.

Business success often depends on how many processes you can streamline. Of course, the same applies for your SQL Server environment. However, many small- to medium-sized enterprises can’t justify employing a dedicated Database Administrator.

This is why we exist.

Trained by the world’s leading minds in Microsoft SQL Server, Born SQL offers professional consulting and development services in the Calgary area, or remotely.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of server environments, using industry standard scripts and tools
  • Identification of potential areas of improvement
  • Implementation of incremental changes to your environment
  • On-going maintenance
  • Emergency performance-tuning and query optimisation
  • Emergency data recovery from corrupt databases
  • Remote support

In short, we’re committed to making database instances run efficiently and safe from data loss. And if you do experience data loss, we might be able to help.

Whether it’s a one-off report using our diagnostics tool, dbSnitch, on-going support, or emergency data recovery, speak to us today.

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