29 April 2014


Data Management. Simplified.

SQL Server Performance and Health Check (dbSnitch®)

Get a once-off in-depth health check with diagnostics information and recommendations on how to bring your SQL Server up to industry standards, and go faster as well. Click here to find out more about this innovative tool.

Get your dbSnitch® report now.

Upgrade Wizard

Upgrade SQL Server 6.5 and up, to the latest and greatest version. Or if you don’t want to be thoroughly modern, we will help you upgrade to any version currently supported by Microsoft.

Click here for Canadian customers, or click here for international customers.

Disaster Recovery

We have successfully performed data recovery services (with acceptable data loss) on databases from SQL Server 2005 and upwards. Using advanced extraction tools, we can recover data from corrupted MDF and NDF files.

Ask us about this disaster recovery service now.

The Two-Day Tune-Up

Give us two days, and we will improve your biggest SQL Server performance pains. Want a dbSnitch® report too? That will be included free of charge.

This service is available on-site in the Calgary area, or we can access your environment remotely. If you are not completely satisfied, you get money back, no questions asked. (In-person visits are not available during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Order the Two-Day Tune-Up service now.


Born SQL operates in Calgary, but offers various solutions depending on your needs.

On-site DBA: Purchase blocks of time in 10-hour increments, payable in advance. Should the number of hours billed exceed the allocated block, a sliding scale applies to the additional time. (Not available during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Remote DBA: Remote consulting is also offered in blocks of 10-hour increments. This type of engagement covers ongoing preventative maintenance, performance improvement and query optimisation, as well as database design.

Out-of-Town DBA: Site visits outside of Calgary can be arranged by request. (Not available during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Book your time for Canadian customers, or click here for international customers.

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