29 April 2014


Take preventative measures. Now.

dbSnitch is a performance health check where we run an in-depth analysis of your existing database instances and make bespoke recommendations to bring them up to industry standards – and ensure that your data is safe.

A dbSnitch performance health check includes:

  1. A baseline of your existing database instance.
  2. Performance tuning recommendations.
  3. Information about patches, upgrades, migrations, configuration, maintenance plans and disaster recovery plans.
  4. All diagnostic data in an Excel workbook.

All in all, dbSnitch gives you a comprehensive view of where your database currently stands, along with a customised game plan to get where it needs to be.

The performance health check costs CAD $1,997.00 and you can order one by clicking on this link.

If you select our Two-Day Tune-Up service, the dbSnitch analysis is included, free of charge.

When it comes to implementing our recommendations, we offer on-site and remote support, and can assist your on-site DBA if you choose to implement the recommendations yourself.

Find out more on our consulting page.

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