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And that’s a wrap

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It’s the final week of 2021, a year that was both twice as long and half the length of 2020.

If you can, please make sure you are vaccinated and boosted. It doesn’t prevent infection, but it does make the experience less awful. If you’re a recent recipient of COVID-19, please do your level best to take time off for recovery. Listen to your body and rest as long as you need to.

I know this isn’t a technical post. Life is bigger than SQL Server, especially when faced with a global pandemic that is still not over yet. The calendar year is incrementing by 1, but we still have the same challenges to deal with.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves what it means to live in a community. If you have some old things you don’t use anymore, donate them. If there’s an old phone or laptop you don’t use, donate that too. If you can afford it, give a few bucks to a local charity, or a GoFundMe you see online. Support a local artist and get something cool to hang on your wall. You could save a life.

As always, look after yourselves and those around you. That includes wearing a mask over your nose and mouth whenever you leave your home.

Photo by Randolph West. All rights reserved. Used with permission.