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Join me in Germany in June

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I have been selected to speak at the DataGrillen conference later this year. I will be presenting my session How Does SQL Server Store That Data Type?, which I debuted during last year’s EightKB online conference.

This is the abstract for the talk, which will be presented on Thursday June 2nd, 2022, from 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm in Holzkohle (a German word meaning Charcoal).

If you’ve ever been curious about how each data type looks on your storage subsystem, this is the session for you. We’ll step through each data type, and how the hex looks at the storage layer.

You will understand why certain data types are better choices than others. I’ll show you a few surprises, and settle an old score with DATETIME.

Breaking out the hex editor might automatically qualify this as a 500-level session depending on your appetite for nerdy goodness, plus you should be able to use this information for data recovery (like I have).

As I’ve recently joined Microsoft as a Senior Technical Writer, I will have even more insight into these internals (in one section of the original talk I was admittedly a little vague because I had to guess behaviour based on observation).

I look forward to meeting new physically-distanced German friends at the IT Zentrum in Lingen, and following the COVID protocols that are our new way of life. Wir sehen uns dort.