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Speaking at SQLBits next month

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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I will be presenting for the first time at SQLBits in London, on Saturday 24 February 2018.

My session is called Back to the future with Temporal Tables. Here is the abstract:

Back to the Future is the greatest time travel movie ever. I’ll show you how temporal tables work, in both SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, without needing a DeLorean.

We cover point in time analysis, reconstructing state at any time in the past, recovering from accidental data loss, calculating trends, and my personal favourite: auditing.

There’s even a bit of In-Memory OLTP.

There are lots of demos at the end.

If you haven’t yet, there’s still time to register to attend the conference. I hope to see you there!

Connect with me on Twitter at @bornsql.