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Home » Calgary Data User Group: Big Data Clusters with Bob Pusateri

Calgary Data User Group: Big Data Clusters with Bob Pusateri

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Calgary Data User Group

This is one of those shameless plugs I’m allowed to do from time to time to promote my user group here in Calgary.

Tonight, starting 5pm Mountain time, Bob Pusateri (blog | Twitter) will be presenting an hour-long session about Big Data Clusters, a very interesting feature that was introduced with SQL Server 2019. From the abstract:

Big Data Clusters are one of the hot new SQL Server buzzwords, but what exactly are they? Attend this session to learn the basics of this hot new technology that adds HDFS and Spark to SQL Server. Topics covered include SQL Server Big Data Cluster components, architecture, and demonstrations of queries that combine relational and non-relational datasets.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of how Big Data Clusters differ from a standard SQL Server deployment, the advantages and capabilities they offer, and which scenarios benefit most from their utilization. Big data is only getting bigger and it’s a tremendous skill area for career growth – join us for a great introduction to a powerful new feature of SQL Server!

Hosted by my very capable colleague Anna Mae Alexander, it’s going to be a good session. Bob is a great presenter, and very knowledgeable about SQL Server in general. If you’re looking at this before 5pm Mountain time on Wednesday 24 November 2021, there’s still time to RSVP on Meetup and check it out.