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Join me in Victoria this Saturday

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I will be presenting a new session, “Database administration through the ages,” at SQL Saturday #950 in Victoria this coming weekend. This is one of my favourite SQL Saturdays of the year because I love Vancouver Island (even when it rains, and despite breaking my foot there).

In this session I look at what it means to be a DBA in the 21st century, which sounds dramatic until you realise SQL Server 2005 is 15 years old. I’ll cover the “usual” tasks that DBAs contend with, and draw parallels to the new stuff, even though it has been around for decades. Yes, I am going to simplify things so much that you’ll treat a Kubernetes cluster like a SQL Server 2000 instance: with the contempt that comes with extreme familiarity!

All joking aside, I have limited the number of slides in this talk, because sometimes we need to discuss things as opposed to be told about them. So join me this weekend if you’re on Vancouver Island or nearby, for a day of free (free!) training from community experts.