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On the continuity of business

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With entire countries shutting their borders, and people being forced to stay home and isolate themselves for as long as possible while health departments ramp up to handle this pandemic, the question of business continuity has been raised. This is where our training as data professionals comes in.

The classic DBA must make sure that a database can be recovered, and business continuity documentation must be accessible and actionable by whomever is available, even if it’s not the DBA.

It’s a scary time right now, not even taking into account the panic rising across the planet. That’s why we write things down. That’s why we practise them. Every one of us will panic and forget something under these circumstances, and we learn from our mistakes and correct the documentation for the next time.

Please take care of yourself, and remember that you’re only human. At some point you will have to go home and stay there, hoping for the best. That doesn’t make you a failure.

If you’ve been following best practices and automating disaster recovery processes, your organization should survive this pandemic. If you personally have been following best practices and washing your hands, keeping clear of large groups of people and staying calm, you too should survive this pandemic.

Keep calm and SQL on.

Photo by Irinel Dumitrache on Unsplash.