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PASS Summit Speaker Idol 2018

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This scheduled post is coming to you from Seattle, where the PASS Summit 2018 has just kicked off.

Because it is a scheduled post, I have no idea what announcements from the convention will be made today and tomorrow, but rest assured that they will be worth looking at.

In the meantime, I have been selected as one of this year’s contestants for Speaker Idol, and will be presenting my session this Friday morning at 11:15am local time.

As of this writing, these are the twelve contestants:

Wednesday (4:45 PM)

  • Heidi Hasting
  • Ameena Lalani
  • Christopher Wolff
  • Dennes Torres de Oliveira

Thursday (4:45 PM)

  • Leslie Andrews
  • Janusz Rokicki
  • Michael Johnson
  • Paresh Motiwala

Friday (11:15 AM)

  • Randolph West
  • Peter Shore
  • James Donahoe
  • Rob Volk

I know a lot of these fine people, and all of them are worthy opponents. Our sessions take the form of five-minute lightning talks. Winners from each of the three rounds go through to the final, along with one wild-card entry.

The judges are Allan Hirt, Joey D’Antoni, Kendra Little, and Mark Simms.

Please make some time this week to support them (the first session is today at 4:45pm), and if you can, please support me on Friday at 11:15am.