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Hello Microsoft Entra ID, good bye Azure Active Directory

A couple of months ago where I work, a major product started undergoing a rebrand. I don’t pretend to understand marketing folks, but a change this big needed to be well-coordinated.

As of this writing, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD for short, and never AAD1“AAD” is wrong, was wrong, and will always be wrong. It’s like removing the space from “Always On”.) is now known as Microsoft Entra ID. You can find out more information from the Microsoft Entra ID article.

If you—like me—have an autocorrect for “Entry” and typing replacements for “I’d”, I feel your pain deep down.

In any event, Active Directory once again only refers to the Domain Service service2I know this says “service” twice. I don’t work in marketing. in Microsoft Windows Server.

Is it Microsoft Entra or Microsoft Entra ID?

Good question, imaginary friend. The new name for “Azure Active Directory” is “Microsoft Entra ID”. However, Microsoft Entra ID is part of the larger Microsoft Entra service offering, and so there may be cases where the old Azure Active Directory was using one of those features. This is most notable in terms of authentication. If you used to say “Azure Active Directory authentication”, you now say “Microsoft Entra authentication”, or “authentication with Microsoft Entra ID”. In other words, use “Microsoft Entra ID” to refer to the product itself.

Microsoft Entra ID is a lot of typing. Can I abbreviate it?

No. When you first refer to it, you call it Microsoft Entra I’d ID, and then you keep referring to it as Microsoft Entra ID, except when you’re referencing Microsoft Entra proper. You can’t call it MEID, or ME3How lazy are you?, or EID4Have some respect for your Muslim friends.. Its proper name is Microsoft Entra ID.

I hope that clears things up even a little.