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I can no longer recommend Liquid Web for hosting

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I’ve had a really disappointing experience with the Liquid Web sales team, regarding the web server that hosts this blog post you’re reading right now. My disappointment is compounded by the fact that their technical folks are so incredibly good.

I run cPanel on CentOS, and I need to move to a new operating system now that Red Hat has done away with CentOS. In November 2023 I wrote to them and asked if I might get a new server, same as the old server, and maybe qualify for a Black Friday discount in the process.

Problem after problem after inability to follow up means that I can’t recommend this company. The level of competence exhibited by the sales team reflects very poorly on their technical team, who are awesome.

This disappointment was made worse after I wrote to the company owner two weeks ago, and had two directors try and resolve my issue.

If you have any recommendations for fast, reliable, dedicated cPanel web hosting (that isn’t Linode), I’m open to your suggestions. Please drop a comment here, or find me on LinkedIn.