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Join me next week at my first GroupBy session

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2021 has been the year people want to learn about Temporal Tables, it seems. Not only am I speaking at the SQL Trail conference next week, but I was also selected to speak at the upcoming GroupBy conference on Tuesday October 26, 2021. Yes, that’s also next week!

Some facts about next week’s talks:

  • Yes, I’ll be talking about Temporal Tables at both of them.
  • Yes, the movie Back to the Future will be mentioned. I love that film so much.
  • No, the GroupBy session is not the same as the SQL Trail session. I made both organizers a promise to have fresh content.
  • No, the GroupBy session is not the same as my previous talk, Back to the future with Temporal Tables.

The thing is, system-versioned temporal tables are a feature that hasn’t changed much since SQL Server 2017, although there’s some interesting new stuff around system-versioned ledger tables in Azure SQL Database. You can think of the GroupBy and SQL Trail sessions as individual, “one-off” sessions which highlight different aspects of the features, with different demos.

I hope you can join me for both of them. I’m excited for the challenge of “same but different.” See you there!

Full disclosure: Born SQL is a community sponsor of the GroupBy event.