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Join me (virtually) in Adelaide!

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Adelaide SQL Server User Group

I will be presenting a session to the Adelaide SQL Server User Group on April 15th, 2020, and if you’re awake at that time (it’ll be 9pm on April 14th for me), you’re welcome to join in. You can register on EventBrite using the link

The topic is a “virtualized” variation of the session I presented at SQL Saturday Victoria last month: Database administration through the ages. The topic does encourage audience participation.

Here is the session abstract:

You’re a lone DBA and you’ve heard all the buzzwords about Linux and Azure and containers, and it’s all a bit overwhelming. Are you really missing out?

Join me on an exploration of what it means to be a DBA in the modern era, and how your existing skills can be leveraged, no matter the platform. Maintenance plans, monitoring, even disaster recovery all work in pretty much the same way across Windows, Linux, Azure SQL DB, and containers.

Then when you go back to work, you will have a starting point on how to modernize your existing environment and future-proof your career.

See you (virtually) there!